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[leafnode-list] Spam filtering + Wishlist

Does leafnode have any capabilities to block spam? 

Also I've attached my wishlist here:

- When first viewing a newsgroup all headers are downloaded and sent to 
client, instead of placeholder message. When you click on an article, the 
body would be downloaded and sent to the client. When fetchnews next runs 
every with would continue as it does now with a new group.
- Ability to control which groups/hierarchies delaybody or not
- Spam filtering
- Support for yEnc - http://www.yenc.org
- Option to set fetchnews so it won't download a new group that someone has 
visited, unless it has been accessed on 3 days out of the last 5. The one 
week delay till droping a group would stay the same. This would allow you to 
sample a newsgroup to see if it's what you want, without it automatically 
pulling it for the next week.



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