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Re: [leafnode-list] Cannot post articles.

Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> I am running Leafnode with Mandrake Linux 7.2 and Knews.
> Everything works except posting.  I just tried to post a test message and got 
> the following in the debug log:
> Jan  7 10:03:33 localhost fetchnews[2079]: Message-ID of 2047-1010358097-1 
> already in use upstream -- article discarded
> Do I need to run "fetchnews -f" again?


Before fetchnews posts an article it tests whether the article is
already available upstream. Dependent on your version of leafnode,
it does so by using the STAT (1.9.x) or the HEAD (2.0b8, I don't
know about Matthias' leafnode versions) command to look for the
message-id of the article. If your upstream site is using nntpcache,
the check using STAT will fail (because the STAT implementation of
nntpcache is buggy) and any message id will be reported as "already
in use".

You can find out more about the problem by using the debug mode. If
you cannot interpret it, consider posting the relevant excerpt of
the log or send it in private email.


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