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Re: [leafnode-list] Spam filtering + Wishlist

On Mon, 7 Jan 2002 17:19, you wrote:
> The intention of a local news server is that you do not have to have an
> online connection when reading groups. That is, if you look into a group
> for the first time, you cannot download the headers in that very moment,
> because you would have to start a connection to your upstream server(s)
> and fetch headers. Second, not everybody wants to read articles in "header
> first, bodies later" mode.

Could it be an option though? I haven't looked at the leafnode source code, 
but if it's perl I could probably code the option myself.

> > - Ability to control which groups/hierarchies delaybody or not
> This is also on our wishlist :-)
> > - Spam filtering
> See above.
> > - Support for yEnc - http://www.yenc.org
> As far as I get it, yEnc is still very much in a developmental stage
> and will not reliably work over NNTP connection because it assumes
> them to be 8-bit-safe; many NNTP connections will drop the 8th bit,
> however. Therefore, leafnode will not support yEnc for the moment.

Does leafnode drop the 8th bit?

> > - Option to set fetchnews so it won't download a new group that someone
> > has visited, unless it has been accessed on 3 days out of the last 5. The
> > one week delay till droping a group would stay the same. This would allow
> > you to sample a newsgroup to see if it's what you want, without it
> > automatically pulling it for the next week.
> This is difficult to implement with the current method of how group
> subscriptions are handled but may be worth a try in a future version.

Okay thanks.

> FYI, the most active development of leafnode is currently not done by
> me (due to an acute (?) lack of time) but Matthias Andree has fortunately
> further developed the 2.0b versions of leafnode.

I use leafnode as a news server on a permament ADSL connection that is shared 
among a few users on my LAN. That's where most of my suggestions and wishlist 
items are coming from, which may be a little different than some other 
people's needs. In any case leafnode is the closest thing to a perfect news 
server for this purpose that I've seen :-). Thanks,


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