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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews getting list of all newsgroups

On Monday 07 January 2002 7:04 am, you wrote:
> Alec Cawley wrote:
> > I understand - here is today's log, which fetched all the groups:

> Apparently news.demon.co.uk still does not evaluate the "LIST NEWSGROUPS"
> command correctly. Use the "nodesc" option in the config file as described
> in the README i.e.
> server = news.demon.co.uk
> nodesc = 1
> Fetchnews even tells you to do this in the log:
> > Jan  6 18:41:46 localhost fetchnews[1450]: warning: news.demon.co.uk does
> > not process LIST NEWSGROUPS alt.extreme-one.lameass.troll correctly: use
> > nodesc
> HTH,

That definitely helps - thank you very much. I had come across that nodesc 
line, but from the FAQ assumed it referred only to not getting the list of 
grous, not getting it too often.

Thanks as well to all leafnode developers for an excellent tool - it fits my 
needs precisely.


@lec  ©awley

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