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Re: [leafnode-list] Spam filtering + Wishlist

David Findlay schrieb am Montag, den 07. Januar 2002:

> - When first viewing a newsgroup all headers are downloaded and sent to 
> client, instead of placeholder message. When you click on an article, the 
> body would be downloaded and sent to the client. When fetchnews next runs 
> every with would continue as it does now with a new group.

That's not how leafnode works. Leafnode is a store & forward proxy, the
headers are not available (and you would not want like 100 headers
downloaded for 20,000 groups).

If that's supposed to be "automatic 'delaybody'", then let's decide on
the future of the 'delaybody' feature first.

Check out noffle, it has support for "online" mode, which may be what
you want.

> - Ability to control which groups/hierarchies delaybody or not

Already on my TODO list, but I'm thinking if I should drop the whole
delaybody stuff as I got no feedback ever since I released 2.0b8_ma8*,
so it looks like nobody's using it.

> - Spam filtering

What do you suggest? PCRE filtering is in place.

What else would you like? INN-compatible Perl hooks? Python hooks?

> - Support for yEnc - http://www.yenc.org

Support for yEnc is in already place - leafnode can deal with 257
character long lines and does not replace characters from bodies (it
only regenerates CRLF, and I've yet to see complaints about that
behaviour). CRC'ing the whole lot is optional, so leafnode need not
implement that, and I'm certainly not adding news article body parsing
to leafnode, leafnode is meant to transport, store and access Usenet news, not
to present Usenet news.

Ask any further features of your Newsreader support, but don't expect
yenc anytime soon there.

> - Option to set fetchnews so it won't download a new group that someone has 
> visited, unless it has been accessed on 3 days out of the last 5. The one 
> week delay till droping a group would stay the same. This would allow you to 
> sample a newsgroup to see if it's what you want, without it automatically 
> pulling it for the next week.

Looks like a lot added complexity for virtually no use. Maybe later.
Maybe not at all.

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