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Re: [leafnode-list] Cannot post articles.

Sorry, that is all too "techy" for me.  I don't know what those variables 
contain, and I don't know what my upstream server uses..  According to the 
line refusing to post, an article with that number already exists.  On a busy 
group, the numbers must race along.  Hence my idea that running fetchnews -f 
might help, by getting a more recent latest number.


On Tue,  8 Jan 2002 04:48, you wrote:
> Cornelius Krasel schrieb am Montag, den 07. Januar 2002:
> > Before fetchnews posts an article it tests whether the article is
> > already available upstream. Dependent on your version of leafnode,
> > it does so by using the STAT (1.9.x) or the HEAD (2.0b8, I don't
> > know about Matthias' leafnode versions) command to look for the
> STAT for all servers except NNTPCache (HEAD for the latter), so my
> latest version is supposed to be safe on those - but I don't have any
> nntpcache accounts to test against.

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