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Re: [leafnode-list] Spam filtering + Wishlist

On Tue, 8 Jan 2002 04:29, you wrote:
> If that's supposed to be "automatic 'delaybody'", then let's decide on
> the future of the 'delaybody' feature first.

Yeah, that's probably the closest. I suppose what I'm suggesting is better 
support for semi-permament connections to the internet. My ADSL goes down 
frequently, and I'd like to be able to access my favourite newsgroups when it 
is down, because I use the info for setting up servers,etc. I'd also like to 
have the benefits of permamently online access when I am online.

> Check out noffle, it has support for "online" mode, which may be what
> you want.
> http://noffle.sourceforge.net/

I'll take a look, but so far the closest thing to what I'm after has been 

> > - Ability to control which groups/hierarchies delaybody or not
> Already on my TODO list, but I'm thinking if I should drop the whole
> delaybody stuff as I got no feedback ever since I released 2.0b8_ma8*,
> so it looks like nobody's using it.

Please don't. I've been using it on one of my machines here :-).

> > - Spam filtering
> What do you suggest? PCRE filtering is in place.
> What else would you like? INN-compatible Perl hooks? Python hooks?

Probably regex support. Currently it looks as if a lot of messages have 
either garbage characters on the bottom, or numbers in the subject, and I'd 
like to be able to detect this and delete the message.

> > - Support for yEnc - http://www.yenc.org
> Ask any further features of your Newsreader support, but don't expect
> yenc anytime soon there.

Cool. The next version of pan will support Yenc and should be out in the next 

> Looks like a lot added complexity for virtually no use. Maybe later.
> Maybe not at all.

Well it means that you can sample the contents of a group and decide if you 
want to have it downloaded all the time. Thanks,


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