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Re: [leafnode-list] 2.0b8_ma9pre4 texpire -r issues

Mike Castle schrieb am Dienstag, den 08. Januar 2002:

> Couple of questions then, since I'm currently without leafnode.
> Is this only going to happen in groups that I don't subscribe to (since I
> have create_all_links set) or will it happen in all groups?  If this is the
> case, I can live without create_all_links for a while.

Well, the cause is that the hashing scheme of 1.9.x and maybe official
2.0bx is different from what my version uses: the old hashing scheme
depended on the length of the spooldir (/var/spool/news by default),
which would not let you move the spooldir previously.

I cannot tell yet which version broke this, I haven't yet researched on

> Timeline on 9pre5?  (If soon, I'd prefer waiting as I finally have time to
> try out the local moderated groups stuff which is the main reason I'm
> updating).

You wrote you found the answer, so I don't follow up on this :-)

> Any recommended previous ma version that doesn't exhibit this bug?

Well, the bug hits only once, newly fetched articles are stored
properly, so just try 9rc1. You may want to try fetchnews' -x 1000
option (to look at the last 1,000 articles per group again and fetch

> Can I simply go back to 1.9.18 by simply running fetchnews -f and texpire
> with some amount of frobbing?

No. You'd have to convert groupinfo, filters, and you'd lose your news
spool again. If there's anything left of it, 9rc1's "texpire -r" should
save it and make it available again.

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