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[leafnode-list] Re: boo hiss

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 10:44:02PM -0800, Mike Castle wrote:
> uw.archive: skipping articles 1-1817 inclusive (article limit)
> uw.archive: no new articles
> uw.tex: skipping articles 1-1936 inclusive (article limit)
> uw.tex: no new articles
> Segmentation fault

So I ran it again under gdb, and got this:

#0  0x400d06c9 in chunk_alloc (ar_ptr=0x401756a0, nb=88) at malloc.c:2875
#1  0x400d0524 in __libc_malloc (bytes=78) at malloc.c:2808
#2  0x0804f1b3 in mycritmalloc (
    f=0x805bae0 "../leafnode-2.0b8_ma9rc1/strutil.c", l=95, size=78, 
    message=0x805bb03 "strnsplit")
    at ../leafnode-2.0b8_ma9rc1/critmem_malloc.c:24
#3  0x0805522e in strnsplit (a=0xbfffeb7c, 
    in=0x829dcf0 "47079\tRe: Elevation Sea Level\tMarc Warden <marc.warden@xxxxxxx>\tFri, 14 Dec 2001 21:49:40 GMT\t<3C1A743D.34C029CE@xxxxxxx>\t<a5a297f2.0111292013.30ada8ee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <3C0739EB.1E32959B@xxxxxxx>\t"..., 
    sep=0x8057b63 "\t", maxelem=20) at ../leafnode-2.0b8_ma9rc1/strutil.c:95
#4  0x0804a963 in doxover (stufftoget=0xbfffec14, first=47073, last=47372, 
    filtlst=0x0, groupname=0x8126c68 "ca.driving")
    at ../leafnode-2.0b8_ma9rc1/fetchnews.c:494
#5  0x0804b45e in getgroup (g=0x402298f4, first=47073)
    at ../leafnode-2.0b8_ma9rc1/fetchnews.c:864
#6  0x0804c350 in do_group (ng=0x829ff60 "ca.driving", s=0xbfffec80, ngs=0x0, 
    f=0x829c828) at ../leafnode-2.0b8_ma9rc1/fetchnews.c:1312
#7  0x0804c533 in processupstream (server=0x805fea8 "news.sonic.net", port=0, 
    lastrun=-1073742568, newsgrp=0x0)

Meanwhile, I'm tired and hungry and still at work.  So no more on this
tonight, except maybe to build rc2.

     Mike Castle      dalgoda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx      www.netcom.com/~dalgoda/
    We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan.  -- Watchmen
fatal ("You are in a maze of twisty compiler features, all different"); -- gcc

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