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[leafnode-list] Hangs/Error during fetchnews retrieval

I am using Leadnode 1.9.19-ma3.  I have also used 1.9.18 in the past.

My main question is about a new problem I can't seem to get around.  During
the fetch, fetchnews always dies at the same point with a "Broken Pipe"
error.  I realise this could be a problem with the remote server, especially
since the company has just changed ISP, but can anyone suggest what I can do
to diagnose or fix the problem?

The other problem I have with 1.9.19 (and had with 1.9.18) is that fetchnews
often appears to hang during fetches.  Usually, this is recoverable by
sending a SIGINT and then re-running it, but this does meant that it
requires baby-sitting/manual intervention.  I used to think that this was
because our LAN internet connection is via a routed ISDN dialup with an
inactivity timeout on the PPP, but I now discover that this timeout is set
to 5 minutes, so I doubt this is the problem.

Despite the problems I have had, I think leafnode is great, and would like
to keep running it, so any suggestions of how to fix the "Broken Pipe"
error, and how to get around the hang-ups, would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

John Carlyle-Clarke


Sample output:

Trying to connect to ... connected.
Getting new newsgroups from
Read server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/
skipping articles 1-280002 inclusive (initial limit)
alt.folklore.computers: considering articles 280003-280302
alt.folklore.computers: will fetch 280037


alt.folklore.computers: will fetch 280299
alt.folklore.computers: will fetch 280300
alt.folklore.computers: will fetch 280301
alt.folklore.computers: will fetch 280302
Broken pipe

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