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[leafnode-list] leafnode seems awefully slow

Hi.  I know the FAQ says that 1.9 of fetchnews is slow, but I'm
experiencing something that seems extreme.  I have a dialup connection
that can sustain 4-5kb/sec, but most of the time leafnode is around

This is a new installation, so there are a fair number of skipped
articles (too old).  My ISP is earthlink.

Is this typical, or is something wrong?  What could it be?

One thing that just occurred to me is that earthlink does require a
username/password pair to access the news server.  If I understand the
FAQ, it may mean that fetchnews has to login twice for each message.
I know from other software the login takes a noticeable amount of
time.  If this diagnosis is correct, am I stuck with the problem?

leafnode version 1.9.1 running on Debian GNU/Linux "woody" with a
2.4.17 Linux kernel.


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