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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode seems awefully slow

Ross Boylan wrote:
> This is a new installation, so there are a fair number of skipped
> articles (too old).

This may be the cause for the extremely slow responses of leafnode,
since requesting a particular header seems to be quite slow on many
servers. If the problem persists after you have finished your first
run of fetchnews, you might want to try out Matthias Andree's version
of 1.9.19 which is 1.9.19-ma3 and can be found at
It requests headers in a different way which makes it faster for
particular servers (INN).

> One thing that just occurred to me is that earthlink does require a
> username/password pair to access the news server.  If I understand the
> FAQ, it may mean that fetchnews has to login twice for each message.

No, that's not necessary. Fetchnews will log in once at the beginning
of the session, and that's it.


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