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Re: [leafnode-list] Reading local spoled news without subscribing

> Hello !
> I have subscribed several groups I followed. Now I do not want to follow
> them anymore. So I unsubscribed with my browser, deledetd the groups in
> /var/spool/news/interesting.groups. Obviously, I cannot read my news
> archive anymore.
> To do so, I have to resubscribe the news group in the browser, but
> reunsubscribe when I am running fetchnews. Is there a handier way to do
> that ?

I have a perlscript which handles so called dormant groups.

A dormant group is a ng which 
1) already exists and has some messages at your server 
2) you don't want to download in the future.
3) but you still want to read its old already downloaded articles

All it does is it removes entires from  interesting.groups.

You can configure it by  
A) moving the group flag from  interesting.groups to the 
   directory  $SPOOL/dormant.groups 
B) by defining a matching regular expression in
/etc/leafnode/dormantgroups.pat, which contains perl regular expressions.

You just have to call it imediately before each fetchnews run. 

Volker Apelt   volker_apelt  .@.  yahoo.de (remove the dots, please)   
Dipl. Chem.    +49 6172 31126   

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