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[leafnode-list] mail2news-0.11.4 released

Hello all!

I just released mail2news-0.11.4. This is a bugfix release which
fixes a bug in the address parser that leads to segmentation
faults in many cases. I recommend to update asap if you have been
running any previous version. The bug in question was reported
and correctly analyzed by Leopold Toeltsch. Many thanks to him.

The new version is available from



If you have been running mail2news-0.11.3 you probably have many
directories named /var/tmp/mn_$somenumber. These contain mails
which were not posted due to the segfault. Do something like 

[joerg@leviathan joerg]$ cd /var/tmp/
[joerg@leviathan tmp]$ for i in mn_* ; do /usr/local/bin/mail2news < $i/mail, done

to sort them into the spool. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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