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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode 2.0b8_ma9 on MacOS X 10.1.2?

Matthias Andree wrote:
> Ralf Wildenhues schrieb am Dienstag, den 29. Januar 2002:
> > Bug in leafnode?  Why was inet_ntop.c dropped in leafnode-2.0b8_ma9pre2?
> Accident during automake migration. Hopefully fixed for ma10pre1, but I
> need to find a box without inet_ntop to test this on. I figured
> sourceforge have a MacOS 10.1 in their compile farm, which was down
> yesterday, but I'll try to get hold of this box to make leafnode work on
> MacOS X.

Another maybe bug that showed up:  test for HAVE_MKSTEMP but provide no
replacement if not present - why the declaration in leafnode.h?
(guessed fix: change configure.ac to AC_CHECK_FUNC and barf if not
present, or something similar, but I don't know much about autoconf).

HTH Ralf

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