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Re: [leafnode-list] timeout connecting to (null) + Segmentation

Matthias Andree wrote:
> That's a know problem to me, however, I'm not sure how to fix this. The
> "-f" flag is used every other month or so automatically (depending on
> your active file timeout) to merge in changes to group status, removed
> groups and so on, and so we cannot use the old groupinfo for now -- we

Weird.  A grep of timeout_active shows this variable isn't read at all
in ma9.  Where and how does that occur?  (used to be in fechnews.c main)

> might have a wrong group status otherwise (post allowed/not
> allowed/moderated). I've already considered faking groupinfo lines for
> all groups in interesting.groups, but then forbid posting.

Which is somewhat inconsistent at the very least.  Right now you can
post to newsgroups the server hasn't ever heard of.  Right now leafnode
does not give the right status of read-only groups with the NEWGROUPS
command (cf. nntpd.c donewgroups()).  IMHO it should give y or n (RFC977
does not tell about moderated groups), so a trivial fix could be

     ng = active;
     while (ng->name) {
        if (ng->age >= age)
-           printf("%s %lu %lu y\r\n", ng->name, ng->first, ng->last);
+           printf("%s %lu %lu %c\r\n", ng->name, ng->first, ng->last,
+                  ng->status == 'n' ? 'n' : 'y');

HTH Ralf

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