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[leafnode-list] Filterfile not working at all

I'm running most recent beta that is listed on www.leafnode.org (is there
something more recent?), plus patches from comp.mail.pine to fix the
leafnode signal handling bug and restoring timeout back from 2 minutes to
15 minutes, but those patches shouldn't matter for the problem I report

I simply can't get a filterfile to work.  My filterfile looks like

 newsgroups = uk.*
 pattern = ^Path:.*\.alt\.net!usenet$
 action = kill

But here is the relevant bits from my log file when fetchnews is run

Jan 30 16:37:13 lehel fetchnews[18183]: No newsgroup for expression ^Path:.*\.alt\.net!usenet$ found
Jan 30 16:37:13 lehel fetchnews[18183]: No pattern found for action kill

I've had the same problem if I set

 newsgroups = *

(and at one time, I had a typo
   newgroup = *
and the result was a segfault).

Any help would be appreciated.



Jeffrey Goldberg                            http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/
Relativism is the triumph of authority over truth, convention over justice

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