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[leafnode-list] Error reporting when server not available

Good evening,

I just stumbled upon a situation where leafnode 2's error reporting is less
than helpful. What I mean is that if this happens:

  (02:42:25) backstreets:~$ telnet news.utu.fi nntp
  Connected to news.utu.fi.
  Escape character is '^]'.
  503 NNTP server unavailable. Try later.
  Connection closed by foreign host.

then leafnode reports something like this:

  [backstreets:/var/spool/news] root# sudo -u news /usr/local/sbin/fetchnews
   -n -vvvv
  fetchnews: version 2.0b8_ma9; verbosity level is 4; debugging level is 0
  fetchnews: Not automatically unsubscribing unread newsgroups.
  reading /var/spool/news/leaf.node/groupinfo and /etc/leafnode/local.groups
  found 0 articles in in.coming.
  news.utu.fi: connecting to port nntp
    trying address port 119...
    connected: address port 119.
  news.utu.fi: TCP send buffer size is 33304
  NNTP server went away while waiting for response: Undefined error: 0
  news.utu.fi: error, server replied to MODE READER: "??áÿü?"
  fetchnews: 0 articles fetched, 0 killed, in 3 seconds
  fetchnews: Fixing XOVER
  fetchnews: Background process finished

when, in my opinion, it should report the original error 503 to the log and
finish gracefully. Or am I missing something?


        Jari Lehtonen
        Unix & Network Services
        University of Turku, Computing Center

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