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Re: [leafnode-list] A new user's questions

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Robin Lynn Frank wrote:

> Because [we have intermittent and unreliable connections we] find
> ourselves with two problems.
> First, if we boot up after the scheduled start time in the rather standard
> leafnote crontab we have to either wait for an hour or invoke fetchnews
> manually.  Would using ip-up.local be a sensible solution


> and if so, are there any special parameters we should use?

Not that I found when I was in a similar situation.

> Second, if the dialup dies we are sometimes faced with this: lockfile
> /var/lock/news/fetchnews.lck exists, abort ... I was wondering if using
> ip-down local with a simple rm /var/lock/news/fetchnews.lck would
> suffice or if something more elegant is in order???

Killing all instances of fetchnews would be better.  You wouldn't want to
remove the lock while leaving an instance hanging.  If killall is on your
system try that.  Otherwise a little script that looks for the pid in the
lock file.  Only if you detect no instance of fetchnews running should you
remove the lock.

You may wish to run this "kill fetchnews if any, remove lock" script at
boot up prior to starting fetchnews.


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