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Re: [leafnode-list] NEWGROUPS time

Matthias Andree schrieb am Montag, den 04. Februar 2002:

> Ralf Wildenhues <wildenhu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >>NEWGROUPS 020204 162045 GMT
> >>
> >  
> > <231 List of new newsgroups since 1012832445 follows
> 1012832445 is Mon Feb 4 14:20:45 2002 GMT, so it seems there's some
> lameness going on. Will investigate.

Ok, here's the story. NEWGROUPS/NEWNEWS use mktime, thus feeding
localtime. If the "GMT" option is present, then these functions
compensate for that by subtracting the time zone offset -- but that's
what mktime already does, so we end up subtracting the time zone offset

I may have broken that when I dropped the TZ junk and replaced it by the
current gmtoff() implementation (gmtoff.c), and I'll now recalculate the
gmt offset for the date given.

All this is really ugly because we just use our current time zone offset
rather than the one valid at the time requested, which I'll also have to
fix, lest we want leafnode to break near DST switch (last Sunday in
March and October in Germany).

I'm fixing this for 10pre2.

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