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Re: [leafnode-list] SIGCHLD, read EOF, and checking EINTR

Jeffrey Goldberg schrieb am Montag, den 04. Februar 2002:

> The purpose of the patch is to fix a long standing bug of a
> fetchnews run causing leafnode to incorrectly think that a connected
> client has gone away.  That is, there is a getc loop in getline that
> treats an EOF as the client haven gone away.  However, an EOF can also
> occur if there was a signal (say a SIGCHLD) at which point the EOF will be
> accompanied by an errno of EINT. (see read(2)).

I'd rather go figure where this can bite, I can only imagine nntpd
suffering from that problem, and I could also imagine setting SIGCHLD to
ignore to let the kernel reap nntpd's children automatically without
wait. After all, nntpd does not really need to fork at all.

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