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Re: [leafnode-list] Logging Question

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Jeff Grossman wrote:

> I am glad to see that I know longer receive those cron e-mails about
> Fetchnews running, but what about in the log file?  I am still getting this
> with a verbosity setting of 0.
> Feb  5 06:00:08 apple fetchnews[17117]: alt.games.video.sony-playstation2: cons dering 99 articles 191157 - 191255, using XOVER
> Feb  5 06:00:09 apple fetchnews[17117]:  alt.games.video.sony-playstation2: will fetch 70 articles
> Feb  5 06:00:09 apple fetchnews[17117]: sent ARTICLE 191160 command, in pipe: 1


>From my understanding, the level of "v"s in the command line is separate
from the configuration file
and your syslog news logging.  Look in your syslog configuration file
(probably /etc/syslog.conf, but it could be elsewhere) and look for lines




It simply looks like you've tuned your loging too high, either through
syslog or through leafnode's debugmode.

(Currently I have mine set very high and have some very fast growing log
files.  But most people wouldn't want that).


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