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Re: [leafnode-list] 2.08b: Unknown reply to XOVER command

On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 08:41:59PM +0000, Stroller wrote:
> > Feb  5 18:28:25 garcon fetchnews[16411]: >NEWNEWS uk.people.bdsm 020205 175800
> > Feb  5 18:28:25 garcon fetchnews[16411]: <502 NEWNEWS Permission Denied (command disabled)
> > Feb  5 18:28:26 garcon fetchnews[16411]: >GROUP uk.people.bdsm
> > Feb  5 18:28:26 garcon fetchnews[16411]: <.
> Is the NEWNEWS "Permission denied" error message fairly normal, then..?

Yes. Many servers disable NEWNEWS because it's very expensive in
old server implementations.  I'm surprised that fetchnews
actually issues NEWNEWS. All recent beta versions have an #ifdef
NOTYET and #if 0 around it (and never call donewnews()).

> I don't think that the "nodesc = 1" option in lefnode's config file will fix this, but am happy

No, using a recent beta will help.

> Unless anyone else has better suggestions, I will try to hack the 2.0b8 source I have
> so that it ignores server responses "<." and drops them. Or is this naive..?

Yes, that is naive. Multiline responses are terminated by a dot.

> Is anyone able to comment on my inability to compile leafnode-2.0b8_ma9..?
> Documentation, again, is here:

You said you don't have automake installed. Fix that. I don't
agrre with the other opinioned posted here that your pcre
library is too old. Actually it looks like it's recent but
NEW_PCRE_COMPILE isn't defined in config.h for some reason.


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