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Re: [leafnode-list] Backtrace of hung fetchnews

Pierre Abbat schrieb am Freitag, den 08. Februar 2002:

> I killed it and it's now running again and fetching tons of spewage that have 
> been spammed to alt.privacy.anon-server. I'll try tcpdump (where do I get 

You can use filter files to constrain the impact this spam has, or you
can bump up the number after alt.privacy.anon-server in
/var/spool/news/leaf.node/NAME.OF.YOUR.NEWS.SERVER (replace the last
component by the server's name) by the amount that fetchnews wants to

> tethereal?) sometime when it hangs again (which it has done on other 
> servers). I'm using Linux, BTW, and the news spool is on a Reiser partition.

Tethereal is part of the "ethereal" package and is the command-line
version of ethereal. I like it better than tcpdump for application-level
network debugging. Get it at http://www.ethereal.com/ -- Ethereal is
under the GNU General Public License, and it requires GTK+. However,
there's no need for you to install ethereal for this purpose, tcpdump is
fine also.

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