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Re: [leafnode-list] Another Logging Question

Jeff Grossman schrieb am Sonntag, den 10. Februar 2002:

> Okay, one more logging question.  This time it is in regards to texpire.
> I am currently running it with a -vv command line, and all I get in my
> cron e-mail is how many articles were deleted.  It used to tell me each
> newsgroup and the number deleted and the total number of articles.  I
> noticed this information is logged in news.log.  Here is an example:
> Feb 10 03:02:54 apple texpire[3214]: comp.dcom.xdsl: 153 articles
> deleted, 3646
> Kept
> How do I get this information in my cron e-mail?

If this is ma10pre2, try: texpire -vvv

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