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[leafnode-list] Feed Disconnect Problems

I've been using leafnode for several months without problems.  However, 
last week it suddenly was unable to download message bodies from my isp's 

I can get the list of news groups ok and the leafnode can determine what
messages to download but it fails once it tries to actually do the
downloads.  My isp's server just disconnects.

I've tried setting leafnode up on another box just to be sure it was 
clean.  I get the same results.  I'm using the lastest leafnode release 
1.9.19 and have tried nodesc=1.

I can use either netscape or Agent (win news reader) pointed at the isp's
server and they work perfectly.

Talking to my isp's support group is a waste of time as they won't discuss
anything to do with linux and besides they'll just tell me that I'm not
supposed to be running servers.  By the way, telneting to their server on
port 119 gives the following information..."Twister v2.0.4".


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