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Re: [leafnode-list] Feed Disconnect Problems

I hate to answer my own email but the problem is resolved.  It must have 
been something wrong at the isp's end since it starting working properly 
again.  I have no idea why it worked using netscape/Agent but would fail 
with leafnode???


On Sat, 16 Feb 2002, Gerry Doris wrote:

> I've been using leafnode for several months without problems.  However, 
> last week it suddenly was unable to download message bodies from my isp's 
> server.  
> I can get the list of news groups ok and the leafnode can determine what
> messages to download but it fails once it tries to actually do the
> downloads.  My isp's server just disconnects.
> I've tried setting leafnode up on another box just to be sure it was 
> clean.  I get the same results.  I'm using the lastest leafnode release 
> 1.9.19 and have tried nodesc=1.
> I can use either netscape or Agent (win news reader) pointed at the isp's
> server and they work perfectly.
> Talking to my isp's support group is a waste of time as they won't discuss
> anything to do with linux and besides they'll just tell me that I'm not
> supposed to be running servers.  By the way, telneting to their server on
> port 119 gives the following information..."Twister v2.0.4".

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