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[leafnode-list] Public apology

Dear reader,

as you can see from my signature, an accident (an administrator hacked
up my .forward and broke procmail rather than fixing my .procmailrc)
prevented that mail to my stud/studserver.uni-dortmund.de addresses was
forwarded to the dt.e-technik address -- which is the one that's polled
via POP3. So, I didn't get Jari Lehtonen's reply in respect to MacOS X,
and didn't announce 10pre1 publicly.

I have now roughly 100 mails of backlog which will take some days to
work up, please apologize.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Yours sincerely,

Matthias Andree
---------------   NOTE: Mail to my @stud[server].uni-dortmund.de addresses has
not reached me from 2002-01-15 to --02-20 by mistake of a sysadmin, but no mail
was lost. I will answer your mail, please apologize the deferral.

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