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Re: [leafnode-list] Moving local group message to another local

"Bulgrien, Kevin" <Kevin.Bulgrien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Does Xref always look like this?  server_name newsgroup:message_number
> ?


> Is this telling us where the body of the message is, and does it always 
> contain one and only one path to a message?

It allows us to track where the article has been crossposted to.

> If I were to forcibly move a message from one group to another, is there
> anything else to consider besides:
> 1) Unlink the message out of the source group
> 2) Relink the message into the new destination group as the next higher
>    message number.
> 3) Move the .overview entry for the message from the source to the 
>    destination .overview file.
> 4) Rewrite the Xref field
> 5) Ummm... update groupinfo?  Is there a description for the groupinfo
>    file format somewhere?
>    (example groupinfo entry)
>    vcsd.apps.cvs 1 1 1014041571 CVS and CVS related topics
>                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>                  Not absolutely sure what these are all for, but I think
>                  I would have to bump the first number if I added a msg
>                  to the group.

No such fun will be in official versions, however the groupinfo format
can be seen from writeactive() in activutil.c. Your example is
incomplete, it lacks the status character, and it has the wrong field
delimiter, a space rather than a tab.

Apart from that, it's last article in group, first article in group,
UNIX time() (UTC!) that the group has been inserted into the groupinfo.

> I do not use Leafnode for anything except local groups.  No texpire, no
> fetchnews, etc...  All messages are permanent unless manually and 
> forcibly removed.

texpire should be used in local setups as well, but configure the expire
and groupexpire properly.

Matthias Andree
---------------   NOTE: Mail to my @stud[server].uni-dortmund.de addresses has
not reached me from 2002-01-15 to --02-20 by mistake of a sysadmin, but no mail
was lost. I will answer your mail, please apologize the deferral.

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