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Re: [leafnode-list] Moving local group message to another local

"Bulgrien, Kevin" <Kevin.Bulgrien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> This one's broken. Format:
> group.name\tstatus_char\thigh_watermark\tlow_watermark\tunix_creation_time\t
> description
>> Regards,
>>         Jo:rg
> Thanks for the information.  Is it possible that the status character is
> missing because it is a local group?  Or because the version I am running
> is a slightly patched 2.0b8?  Did you also mean that the delimiter changed
> for the ma releases?

The current _ma releases have a different layout that comprises the
status character. Do not play with vanilla 2.0b8. Use the ma versions
instead, the next stable beta in that branch may be named 2.0b9 rather
than 2.0b8_ma10, provided that Cornelius expresses his consent.

Matthias Andree
---------------   NOTE: Mail to my @stud[server].uni-dortmund.de addresses has
not reached me from 2002-01-15 to --02-20 by mistake of a sysadmin, but no mail
was lost. I will answer your mail, please apologize the deferral.

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