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Re: [leafnode-list] Peer Leafnodes?

Pierre Abbat wrote:
> Is it possible to set up two Leafnode installations so that each is on the 
> other's list of news servers, or will they post the same article to each 
> other repeatedly?

Leafnode is not based on a "push" technology but uses solely a "pull"
technology. That is, the fetchnews client connects to a remote server,
checks out which articles are available and retrieves only those articles
that are not already present in the local spool. Therefore, fetchnews
will never retrieve the same article twice (except if someone has
messed around with the Message-ID which should not happen). This means
that the probability of generating duplicates with leafnode is almost
zero (in contrast to what is known from misconfigured INNs).

On a more practical note, I have heard from several people who had
used leafnode on a second computer downstream from another leafnode,
and this seems to work fine. I have, however, not yet heard of people
using two leafnodes "at the same level", i.e. exchanging messages
with each other, but cannot imagine why this configuration should not


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