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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Peer Leafnodes?

Hi Raymond!

Raymond Scholz schrieb am Freitag, dem 22. Februar 2002:

>> using two leafnodes "at the same level", i.e. exchanging messages with each
>> other
> I use the latter setup to synchronise news between my laptop and my
> desktop PC.  Basically, this works

I've done this successfully before, too.

> but there's one major pitfall: postings intended to appear on real
> upstream servers must be posted directly and not via the other
> leafnode server (in this case leafnode naturally won't post articles
> upstream received by other upstream servers [leafnode in this case]).

Yes, this is really annoying and should be mentioned in the FAQ
(HINT:-). If you want to write some postings on your laptop it is
quite ugly to have to save them temporarily until connected to your
main server again.

Does anybody know a better solution than installing INN on your main

> I often forgot this...

/me too :-/


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