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Re: [leafnode-list] /etc/leafnode/config problems with ma8

Steffen Neumann schrieb am Montag, den 25. Februar 2002:

> I have the same "Unknown config line"-problems with 2.0b8_ma9
> We use Caldera (2.4.2 #4S SMP Fri Mar 9 22:08:03 MST 2001 i686 unknown).
> It would be greate if somebody could give me a hint how I can solve the
> problem.
> We use Leafnode as a server for some local groups. The only feature of
> config we need is the authenticate.

I presume running b_sortnl failed, which should have killed the build
process, but did not. Do "make distclean", add the PCRE library
directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and retry -- or try the current ma10pre*
version, the build bug has been fixed in 10pre1.

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