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[leafnode-list] Upcoming 1.9.20 release.

Hi all,

This is my first post to this list.

I have a couple of questions about the upcoming release, and about the
direction of development in general.

I have a situation where the speed of each connection to the server
Fetchnews is fetching from is limited, but multiple connections are
allowed, so multiple simultaneous connections greatly speed things up.

The LeafNode FAQ at <http://www.leafnode.org/faq.html#11> says...

> 11. Fetchnews is slow. Can I speed it up?
> In the 1.9.x versions of fetchnews, each command is handled at a time. 
> Since headers and bodies are fetched separately, fetchnews is quite slow 
> when compared to other news transport programs. There is currently no 
> remedy for that problem other than to wait for 2.x. 

My question is this: Is multi-threaded fetching going to be implemented in 
1.9.20?  Is it currently being tested in any of the alpha or beta 
releases?  Is it even a priority right now?

Also, I've read about an rnews program that is broken.  I assume this
would serve the same function as rnews in INN, that is, injecting articles
into the news spool from a file.  Is this going to be fixed any time soon?  
Will it be rolled into the public releases?

Beyond that, what is the thrust of development?  What new features are
being worked on?  What bugs are being fixed, and which ones are not?  Are
there any radical new features in the 2.x.x beta releases that are not in
the 1.9.x public releases?

Thanks for answering a few questions for a Leafnode Newbie,

Michael O'Quinn

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