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Re: [leafnode-list] Upcoming 1.9.20 release.

Michael O'Quinn schrieb am Montag, den 25. Februar 2002:

> My question is this: Is multi-threaded fetching going to be implemented in 
> 1.9.20?  Is it currently being tested in any of the alpha or beta 
> releases?  Is it even a priority right now?

Except for the already-implemented client-side XOVER support which
already helps with either upstream INN or when you have several filters
of the maxage/maxlines kind, no features will go into 1.9.x. 1.9.19 has
had important bug fixes due for months, and it's time to get a new
1.9.20 release out that will address the most important of them, like
groupinfo corruption and article loss when fetchnews is run in
disconnected mode of a note book, for example.

I will continue to maintain 1.9.x for some time, but I will not add
features except maybe a workaround for a bug that cannot be fixed

Any feature requests should be filed against the current 2.0b*, unless
they are already shown in the TODO file at

> Also, I've read about an rnews program that is broken.  I assume this

That's about leafnode 2.0b8_ma*, the one with 1.9.x should work, within
its limits (it cannot read from a pipe).

> would serve the same function as rnews in INN, that is, injecting articles
> into the news spool from a file.  Is this going to be fixed any time soon?

That's true, rnews is supposed to receive news articles and store them
into the spool. However, the other way, feeding UUCP to an upstream, has
not been implemented.

Yours is the first inquiry about rnews in a long time, so I've not given
much attention to rnews.

> Will it be rolled into the public releases?

Not into 1.9.x releases, but I haven't decided if 2.0* will have that
feature. I consider launching more than one client per server to be bad
style, so this is not a priority item either. Granted, some network
links have high latencies and suffer, and I plan to pipeline more
commands to reduce the impact, and, at a later time, I can imagine
polling more than one DIFFERENT server at a time, but that may be after
a 2.0. Leafnode 2.0b*ma* has received many bug fixes over 1.9.x, but
it's not production ready yet, and it needs to be done because 1.9.x
doesn't have all the minor bug fixes that 2.0b8* has.

> Beyond that, what is the thrust of development?  What new features are
> being worked on?  What bugs are being fixed, and which ones are not?  Are
> there any radical new features in the 2.x.x beta releases that are not in
> the 1.9.x public releases?
> Thanks for answering a few questions for a Leafnode Newbie,

2.0b*: any bugs found will be fixed. features can be implemented, but
some will be postponed until after 2.0.

1.9.x: only major functional and portability bugs will be fixed.
Security, data loss/corruption, severe memory leaks, buffer/heap
corruption bugs qualify. Some others may be fixed if I consider them
important enough. No features will be added.

The 1.9.x -> 1.9.20 update includes some changes that may disqualify
leafnode for a distributor's update, like the XOVER feature, the new
out.going behaviour or the switch to automake (which may entangle the
build process), but I will recommend distributors to update nonetheless
when I release 1.9.20, because of the groupinfo corruption bug fix.
After 1.9.20, I plan to make only bug fixes so that a distributor who
ships 1.9.20 can just go ahead and ship 1.9.21 at a later time without
risking incompatibilities.

I plan to let 1.9.x starting with 1.9.20 to be a stable release which
will only receive bug fixes and thus qualify for updates within a

I can already tell that there will be a 1.9.20.rc3 before the release in
any case.

I hope that helps.


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