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Re: [leafnode-list] Posting Problem

jom1@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Matthias Andree wrote:
>> leafnode had a function delposted(), which would clean up the
>> out.going queue at the end of a fetchnews run, assuming that the failed
>> articles had been moved to the failed.postings queue.
> I don't agree with you...

..and rightly so.

> delposted() deletes _only_ posted articles using the stringlist *posted.

Indeed, I missed that because I only had a quick glance, and I assumed
1.9.19 was similar to 2.0b8 here, missing the global "posted"
stringlist. (That's only one reason why I dislike global variables.)
I should not have had a look after (local) midnight...

The whole posting process does not get my approval, but I'm reluctant to
make bigger changes without testing them in 2.0b* first.

There is still a loop (reading from a directory) which seems to aim at
collecting and unlinking articles that have more than one link, assuming
it's in failed.postings. It uses unlink from within a readdir loop,
which is not sound IMO.

Seems there is no quick fix, and I need to think about .rc3's delposted
a little. I'll probably remove that "scan-and-unlink" loop and just turn
the link() in the "failed posting" branches into a rename().

Evidently, 1.9.19.rc2 leaks memory here, but it exits right after that,
so it doesn't harm, it's collected by the kernel.

>> If no server has the group the article has been posted to any more, the
>> article is also gone.
> Sorry, this is not true.

For 2.0b8, it was, and I didn't look closely enough at 1.9.19. Shame on
me. Thank you for throwing your pair of eyes at the code. :-)

Matthias Andree

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