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Re: [leafnode-list] Posting Problem

Ralf Wildenhues schrieb am Mittwoch, den 27. Februar 2002:

> Hmm.  Made me try this:
> <mode=*very* constructed case>
> Not-so-nice user crossposts to moderated group g1 and unmoderated group
> g2.  If I figure correctly, every time fetchnews is run, the moderator
> gets a new copy until he approves it.  Nice feature. ;)
> </>
> Disclaimer: above tested only on a leafnode slave of another
> leafnode2.0b8_ma10pre3 having both g1 and g2 as local groups.

Well, all this fuss used to aim at better distribution of local posts,
we wanted leafnode to post to more than one server at that time, to make
sure the article makes it through the upstreams into the world.
Evidently, for moderated group, that's evil, and...

> I don't know if handling in nntpd.c dopost() needs to be fixed or the
> above concept of trying to post until seen should be changed.

...you need to ask Jörg Dietrich about moderated groups support in
dopost(), I haven't yet taken the time to draw me a picture of that
code's control flow, I've trusted Jörg and taken his patch.

However, there are two places in leafnode to discuss when talking about

1. nntpd.c:dopost()  which takes the post in and stores it for further
processing (enqueue)

2. fetchnews.c:postarticles()  which actually sends the articles.

The "retry" behaviour comes from #2, and #1 should make sure that in
your case, the article is mailed to exactly one moderator, not stored or
posted anywhere, that's the deal about moderated crossposts: the
crosspost is up to the moderator.

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