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Re: [leafnode-list] Posting Problem

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 11:49:13AM +0100, Matthias Andree wrote:
> ...you need to ask Jörg Dietrich about moderated groups support in
> dopost(), I haven't yet taken the time to draw me a picture of that
> code's control flow, I've trusted Jörg and taken his patch.

It's time I sketch the control flow.

Without error handling:

	article is well formatted --no--> unlink article, return
		|				^
		y				|
		e				|
		s				|
		|				|
		v				|
	article is posted to 			|
	a "noposting" group  --yes--------------
	article goes to 
	moderated group	--yes-------------->-----
		|				|	
		n				|
		o			try to get moderator address	
		|			and approved header	
		|				|
		|				|
		v				|
	We have no mod address <----------------
	AND article goes to
	external group	  -----yes--------->----
		|				|
		n			store in out.going
		o				|
		|			article goes to mod--yes--
		|			     group		 |
		|				|		 v
		|				n	    unlink from	
		|				o	 in.coming, return
		|				|
	we have mod address
	AND post is not approved----yes--->mail, unlink in.coming, return (*)
	 store article
	further error handling

Hope there is no mistake in the diagram.

> The "retry" behaviour comes from #2, and #1 should make sure that in
> your case, the article is mailed to exactly one moderator, not stored or
> posted anywhere, that's the deal about moderated crossposts: the
> crosspost is up to the moderator.

The problem seems to be at (*) (at a quick look), it should also
unlink the article in out.going, if present.


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