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Re: [leafnode-list] Posting Problem

Joerg Dietrich wrote:
> (*) marks a problem in dopost(), (**) is a problem with posting
> to upstream servers. Once *one* upstream server has accepted a
> posting to a moderated group, it has to deleted immediately from
> the out.going queue. That this does not happen is one of the most
> longstanding and severe bugs in leafnode. The new queueing
> behavior of leafnode makes this worse.

Ok.  Thanks for the clarification.

> I just had a very quick look at the INN source. It doesn't seem
> to me that INN adds these articles to the history.

Well, if the delposted change made it into 1.9.20.rc2, that should
probably be fixed before 1.9.20 as well..

> P.S. no cc's please, I read the list

Sorry, no intention.  IMVHO, it might help if you'd configure your mail
reader to set the Mail-Followup-To: header to only contain the list
address (for mutt that would be the settings 'set followup_to' and
'lists leafnode-list', IIRC).

Thanks, HAND

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