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[leafnode-list] Fetchnews: maxnews will not accept value greater than 20000

No matter what value I try to set "maxfetch" in /etc/leafnode/config to, 
it will never become more than 20000 internally.  Setting it to a lower 
value works as expected.  I am using 1.9.19.

Where this kills me is that I use NewsPlex.  It can be told to retrieve
large articles at a later time, which can speed things up quite a bit
since it will retrieve them in parallel.  The articles are stored in a
pseudo group "async" and are then picked up the next time fetchnews is

The problem is that NewsPlex is very liberal with the numbers it assigns 
to the articles.  Recently I had about 2500 articles to retrieve, but 
their number span made it look like about 200,000 articles were there.  I 
had to run fetchnews, then fiddle with files on both machines and run 
fetchnews again, and again, and again... 

Being able to set maxfetch to a much higher value would make life much
easier.  Even better being would be the ability to set it to infinity.  
("maxfetfch = 0"?)

Michael O'Quinn

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