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[leafnode-list] Articles stuck in out.going

I just reposted several articles which got sent to a newsserver that accepted 
them but didn't propagate them. Two of them are stuck in out.going. Any idea 
why? I run "fetchnews -vvvP" and it connects to each newsserver in turn and 
does nothing else.

I am running leafnode 1.9.18 with a patch to fix the 
too-many-open-files-when-1024-articles bug. xinetd is 2.3.3, linux is 2.4.8.

I now have three articles in out.going. Two are the stuck articles.

-r--r--r--   1 news     news          596 Mar  3 11:49 16399-1015174142-1
-r--r--r--   1 news     news          562 Mar  3 12:15 17177-1015175711-1
-r--r--r--   1 news     news          425 Mar  3 21:33 3328-1015209239-1

I found that one of the stuck articles had a "From " line at the beginning. I 
removed it. I run fetchnews:

[root@littlecat out.going]# /usr/sbin/fetchnews -vvvP
1.9.18: verbosity level is 3
Trying to connect to visualmedia.com.hk ... connected.
Posting 3328-1015209239-1...
 - OK
Disconnected from visualmedia.com.hk.
Trying to connect to zstux.ita.pwr.wroc.pl ... connected.
Disconnected from zstux.ita.pwr.wroc.pl.
Trying to connect to elbit.co.il ... connected.
Disconnected from elbit.co.il.
Trying to connect to weber.techno-link.com ... connected.
Disconnected from weber.techno-link.com.
Trying to connect to news.mhogaming.com ... connected.
Disconnected from news.mhogaming.com.
Trying to connect to montacute.rjt.co.uk ... failed.
Trying to connect to diablo-reader.core.theplanet.net ... failed.
Trying to connect to newscache0.freenet.de ... connected.
Disconnected from newscache0.freenet.de.
Trying to connect to serv2.vsi.ru ... connected.
Disconnected from serv2.vsi.ru.

Why is only one posted?


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