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Re: [leafnode-list] Articles stuck in out.going

Pierre Abbat schrieb am Sonntag, den 03. März 2002:

> [root@littlecat out.going]# /usr/sbin/fetchnews -vvvP
> 1.9.18: verbosity level is 3
> Trying to connect to visualmedia.com.hk ... connected.
> Posting 3328-1015209239-1...
>  - OK
> Disconnected from visualmedia.com.hk.
> Trying to connect to zstux.ita.pwr.wroc.pl ... connected.
> Disconnected from zstux.ita.pwr.wroc.pl.
> Trying to connect to elbit.co.il ... connected.
> Disconnected from elbit.co.il.
> Trying to connect to weber.techno-link.com ... connected.
> Disconnected from weber.techno-link.com.
> Trying to connect to news.mhogaming.com ... connected.
> Disconnected from news.mhogaming.com.
> Trying to connect to montacute.rjt.co.uk ... failed.
> Trying to connect to diablo-reader.core.theplanet.net ... failed.
> Trying to connect to newscache0.freenet.de ... connected.
> Disconnected from newscache0.freenet.de.
> Trying to connect to serv2.vsi.ru ... connected.
> Disconnected from serv2.vsi.ru.
> Why is only one posted?

Leafnode only tries to post an article if

a. the server carries the group the article is posted to
b. the server does not have the article.

And, of course:

c. the upstream news server is not broken like NNTPCache or NewsCache
are known to be.

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