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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode very slow on first XOVER

>> I've often wished for either a daemon or a program that could be invoked
>> from cron whose only purpose is to scan the entire news tree on a regular
>> basis and make sure the .overview files are up to date.
> You can run texpire for now, it does more than just fixing overviews

It doesn't seem to do the necessary work, though: even having run texpire,
I'm having to let leafnode run and do its own preparatory work.

On this occasion, I killed fetchnews earlier on (it was, and still is, in
danger of overruning my hard disk!)  Presumably that's why I'm having
problems today.

However, I had the same problem earlier on, and I'm not aware of any
problems with that run of fetchnews.

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