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[leafnode-list] Upstream server group counts not getting updated.

As I mentioned in my last email, I've yet to see fetchnews complete an
entire run without crashing.  Setting aside for a moment the cause of the
crash, another issue has floated to the surface because that makes the
whole package less robust.

The file containing the upstream server's group's counts, in my case
/var/spool/news/leaf.node/clark.oquinn.info, has never been updated.  
Each and every group is still sitting with a count of "1".  (This, BTW, is
what I suspect is behind much of my earlier initialfetch -vs- maxfetch

I assume this happens because fetchnews is waiting until just before
(normally) exiting before it update those counts.  I would like to request
that each newsgroup is updated as soon as that newsgroup completes.  Even 
better from a robustness standpoint would be to update it after each 
article, although that might be too severe a performance hit.

In a perfect world software would never crash, and administrators would
never need to stop a run that is only partially completed, so this would
not be an issue.

But, as we all well know...

Michael O'Quinn

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