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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode very slow on first XOVER

"Michael O'Quinn" <michael@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Spewing some state information into the logs when EPIPE/SIPGPPE happens
> might also help.  I'd recommend a CRIT or at least ERR level to make it
> easy to find.  I'll certainly be glad to provide you the outputs.

Well, the point is, when that happens, the upstream has gone away as we
were giving it the next command, or we may keep sending data when we
should not.

>> I might also
>> do other changes like adding a switch to fetchnews, but I'm reluctant to
>> do that before 1.9.20.
> What kind of switch?  Or more to the point, what would the switch do?

Make it just fix the XOVER info.

>> > I've often wished for either a daemon or a program that could be
>> > invoked from cron whose only purpose is to scan the entire news tree
>> > on a regular basis and make sure the .overview files are up to date.
>> You can run texpire for now, it does more than just fixing overviews
>> though.
> Yes, that's the other way I've been dealing with this, but it means going
> into the config file and diddling the expire times, then un-diddling
> afterwords.


Matthias Andree

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