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Re: [leafnode-list] Headers

Jeff Grossman schrieb am Samstag, den 09. März 2002:

> Is there anyway to have Leafnode add certain headers to each outgoing
> message?  I would like an Organization and X-Complaints-To header added
> automatically by Leafnode.

Currently, no such functionality exists, and X-Complaints-To-Headers may
cause upstream posts to fail; for an INN I post to, I need these sed(1)

sed /^NNTP-Posting-Host:/d -e /^X-Complaints-To:/d -e /^Xref:/d \
-e /^X-Trace:/d -e /^NNTP-Posting-Date:/d
sed 1,/^$/{/^Newsgroups:/{s/local[^,]*//;s/,$//g;s/,,/,/g;s/\040,/\040/g;};}

While the second cleans up the header, the first one drops several
headers that the upstream wants to add.

I'm putting this on my 2.x TODO list, 1.9.x will not get this feature.

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