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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode 1.9.20.rc8 -- hopefully final release candidate

The bug that I reported as being in 1.9.18 is, as far as I can see by reading 
the source, still in 1.9.20.rc8. Starting at line 1081:

	xsnprintf(lineout, SIZE_lineout, "BODY %ld\r\n", stufftoget[i]);
	l = getaline(nntpin);
	if (!l)			/* timeout */
	    return server;
	if (sscanf(l, "%3ld", &n) != 1 || (n / 10 != 22)) {
	    syslog(LOG_INFO, "%ld: reply %s", stufftoget[i], l);

This means that if fetchnews gets a reply code other than 22*, it will leave 
f open, and if this happens more than 1024 times, it will run out of file 
descriptors. There should be "fclose(f)" before "continue".


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