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[leafnode-list] Segfault running 1.9.20.rc8

alt.anagrams: will fetch 48312 
alt.anagrams: will fetch 48313 
alt.anagrams: will fetch 48314 
alt.anagrams: receiving article 46314 (196 more up in the air)
..saw header Path:
..saw header From:
..saw header Newsgroups:
..saw header Subject:
..saw header Date:
..saw header Lines:
..saw header Message-ID:
..saw header Xref:
storing <a7d46191.0202151350.2eb317ff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: alt.anagrams
Segmentation fault

I'm running on Linux 2.4.3-20mdk. I don't know where the core dump went.


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