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[leafnode-list] leafnode 1.9.20.rc9



I have just released leafnode 1.9.20.rc9. Please do make sure that you
test it. Bugs that bite you, but not me, will be in 1.9.20 otherwise. I
have one report that it breaks at run-time on Digital Unix (alpha CPU),
so if you have Digital Unix or OSF/1 on an Alpha CPU, please test and
see if reading news and texpire work properly and report back.

Note that 1.9.20 will be a recommended upgrade from 1.9.19 because it
fixes a groupinfo corruption bug and time zone bugs, among other things.

Leafnode 1.9.20.rc9 is available for download from:

http://leafnode.home.dhs.org/leafnode-1.9.20.rc9.tar.bz2 (480 kB)
http://leafnode.home.dhs.org/leafnode-1.9.20.rc9.tar.gz  (624 kB)

GPG signatures are also available:

http://leafnode.home.dhs.org/leafnode-1.9.20.rc9.tar.bz2.sig (152B)
http://leafnode.home.dhs.org/leafnode-1.9.20.rc9.tar.gz.sig  (152B)

This time, I also offer patches from rc8 to cut your download size. It's
a unified diff, so you may need GNU patch to apply the patch:

http://leafnode.home.dhs.org/upgrade-1.9.20.rc8-to-rc9.patch.gz     (7 kB)
http://leafnode.home.dhs.org/upgrade-1.9.20.rc8-to-rc9.patch.gz.sig (152B)

To apply, 1. unpack your leafnode 1.9.20.rc8 tarball, 2. change to the
leafnode-1.9.20.rc8 directory, and 3. apply the patch:

gunzip -cd /where/you/saved/upgrade-1.9.20.rc8-to-rc9.patch.gz | patch -p1

- -----------------------

1.9.20.rc9 fixes the file descriptor leak that was re-reported recently,
fixes logging issues, adds some logging, and I am asking Michael O'Quinn
to provide *rc9 debug logs for the "articles not fetched from NewsPlex"
issues he reported against previous versions -- please set debugmode=1
and use -vvv.

Please watch closely what happens when articles (headers in delaybody
mode) are not available from the upstream, and also run texpire and
check if everything's allright with these incomplete articles.

Depending on the version of libtool and other stuff, the PCRE build may
fail during make distcheck. You may need GNU make (gmake) for make
distcheck. Also, "warning: function declaration isn't a prototype" on
Solaris will not be fixed before 1.9.20. Solaris suffers from hosed
include files, in particular, older Solaris versions do.

- -----------------------

2002-03-23  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	=== release 1.9.20.rc9 ===
	* mgetaline.c: New file.
	* README.FIRST: New file.
	* Makefile.am: Add README.FIRST, mgetaline.c.
	* README: Update.

	* validatefqdn.c: Add "logtostderr" option to write a short 503
	notice to stdout (for newsreaders connecting to nntpd) to give
	users a hint why leafnode commits suicide. Idea arose after Heiko
	Nock had difficulties with 1.9.20.rc8.

	* texpire.c: Fix syslog/configuration initialization order.
	Expire articles with 0 bytes.

	* nntputil.c: Drop timeout handling, now in separate file. In
	fopenart(), consider articles of 0 size as nonexistent.  In
	nntpreply(), use mgetaline() instead of getaline() to allow
	network reads to time out.

	* nntpd.c: Fix syslog/configuration initialization order.  Drop
	timeout handling, now in separate file. In fopenart(), consider
	articles of 0 size as nonexistent.

	* miscutil.c: Add "logtostderr" tag to initvars, to let nntpd tell
	the connecting newsreader about its domain name troubles.

	* leafnode.h: Fix prototypes, exhibit timeout management API
	(timer, mgetaline & Co.).

	* fetchnews.c: Also send "considering articles..." message to
	syslog.  Fix syslog/configuration initialization order.  Fix file
	descriptor leak, leaking one fd on each NNTP errors while fetching
	articles; this fix introduces a new protocol element: articles are
	truncated to 0 size on write errors, and 0-sized articles are
	considered nonexistent by texpire and leafnode (the nntpd.)

	* configure.in: Bump version to 1.9.20.rc9.
	* checkgroups.c: Fix syslog/configuration initialization order.
	* applyfilter.c: Fix syslog/configuration initialization order.

2002-03-20  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	* nntpd.c: Drop unneeded variable p from dolist (Ralf Wildenhues).
	* miscutil.c: Remove duplicate definition of global active (Ralf
	* leafnode.h: Fix getline prototype (Ralf Wildenhues).

- -- 
Matthias Andree

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