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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews: maxnews will not accept value

"Michael O'Quinn" <michael@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> However, I have a couple of other groups that WERE being restricted by
> initialfetch, and they were definitely not new groups, but rather ones
> that had been ongoing.  As soon as I removed initialfetch, THAT problem
> went away.  I haven't had time since to generate and mail some decent logs
> that show the problem, but I can if it's something somebody wants to fix.

Late reply, but because I looked at the code involved in this issue:

the "initialfetch" limits the fetch when these conditions are met:

1. the group is missing from the SERVERINFO file
2. the group is listed with "async 1" or something in the SERVERINFO

    if (initiallimit && server == 1 && last - server > initiallimit) {
        if (verbose > 1)
            printf("skipping articles %ld-%ld inclusive (initial limit)\n",
                   server, last - initiallimit);
        syslog(LOG_INFO, "skipping articles %ld-%ld inclusive (initial limit)",
               server, last - initiallimit);
        server = last - initiallimit + 1;

initiallimit is the value you configured for "initialfetch" (sorry for
the confusing names), "last" is the highest article number the upstream
offers, "server" is the highest article number of the upstream at the
last fetch, or 1 if that's unknown or if it's a new group.

However, a group is also fetched completely if the upstream article
count dropped by more than 5 -- in that case, server is reset to the
lowest article number on the upstream. initiallimit does not apply in
this scenario, "maxfetch" does -- and I can't see how that'd /not/
accept a value.

Beware however, if you set maxfetch to say 1,000, you're getting the
1,000 most recent articles.

Matthias Andree

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